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To Have and to HOLDEN: A Zoom Wedding with Caitlin and Nick

06.11.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

Custom Rings for Men (or Anyone)

05.19.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

To Have and to HOLDEN: A Socially Distant Wedding with Chip and John

05.11.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

Announcing Our Partnership With The Trevor Project

05.01.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

6 Perfect Engagement Ring Bands

04.24.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

How To Clean Your Wedding Ring

04.10.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

Who Buys the Wedding Bands?

04.01.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

Talk to a Wedding Planner: COVID-19 and Your Wedding

03.27.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

To Have and To HOLDEN: Wedding Playlists with Caze and Jeremy

03.25.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

10 Surprising Facts About the New York Diamond District

03.10.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

To Have and To HOLDEN: World Travelers Wendan and Yufei

02.28.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

The Ultimate Wedding Band Buying Guide

02.21.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

To Have and To HOLDEN: Wedding Photographer Julia Kinnunen

02.13.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

10 Movies Where Jewelry Stole the Show

02.06.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

To Have and To HOLDEN: Food Pros Annelise and Chip

01.31.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

FYI: Men's Engagement Rings Are *Happening*

01.22.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

Queen Victoria: Original Wedding Influencer

01.10.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

What's the Best Metal for my Wedding Band?

01.02.2020 / HOLDEN Blog

Decoded: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

12.16.2019 / HOLDEN Blog

Curved Wedding Bands: Why You Might Want One

12.10.2019 / HOLDEN Blog

Women’s Ring Size Chart

07.09.2019 / HOLDEN Blog