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Carolyn B.

I am in love with my Holden ring! I worked at a large chain jewelry company for several years and knew that I wanted to support a smaller, more ethically sound company when it was time to buy my ring. When I found Holden, I was sold right away on the price point, ethics, and design of your pieces- the only reason we didn't purchase right away was that COVID hit, and our September 2020 wedding went through some serious re-planning and re-budgeting that I thought would rule out getting me a ring. I got into a back-and-forth with the wonderful Carrie in Customer Service after responding to one of your feedback-solicitation emails. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I received my beautiful half-eternity band in the mail in gorgeous and thoughtful packaging. It's stunning and made so well- I could easily see paying 50% more for a similar ring from the large jeweler I used to work for. Thank you for making this a wonderful process from start to finish- my Holden ring is a beautiful symbol of my marriage (the one bright spot in 2020, tbh!) and I'm looking forward to recommending Holden to every engaged person I meet from here on out.