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Kevin H.

The buying process was great; smooth and easy, all online, quick. Where Holden really impressed me though was with their Customer Service (CS). I ordered two rings for my fiancé, both of which arrived earlier than expected. After receiving them (and saying yes!!), she decided that she wanted something different in one of the rings and my ring was also 1/2 a size too small. Our CS rep was so understanding and easy to work with. She set up everything on the backend and just forwarded us a link to quickly take care of everything. The cost of the original ring was taken off of the cost of her new choice and we just had to pay the difference, no additional shipping cost or anything. Our CS rep also provided us with a return shipping label and we had the boxes on hand, so it was quick, easy and painless to handle the return/resizing. We're currently awaiting her new 2nd ring and my resized ring now, which are expected in WELL before the big day. Needless to say, Holden is doing it right and is definitely a company i'll recommend to any friends in the market for a ring of their own!