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Nicole S.

My ring is beautiful and classic, and I couldn’t have been happier buying from Holden. You were upfront about shipping delays, and when I requested signature requirement be turned off owing to the pandemic, I was promptly told that would not be an issue, and come delivery time it wasn’t. I like the size of your collection as well. It offers most all styles and carat-sizes one could hope for, and it never feels overwhelming because the styles are chic and current, yet also timeless. That you also use lab-created diamonds is fantastic. As far as improvements, I would LOVE to see a range of engagement rings in the future! I also have found that online jewelry companies in general have not been transparent (though I think it’s an oversight, not a conscious decision) in informing buyers that diamond eternity rings cannot be resized. I had to learn this from an expensive brick-and-mortar jeweler, and as a buyer who wants to wear the same ring her whole life, this information was actually crucial to my buying a half-eternity ring. Otherwise, y’all are wonderful, and changing the jewelry industry for the better. Well done!