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Sylvaine B.

I’m not the best at this whole “being a bride” thing. We’re both extremely busy people and planning a wedding is a whole other job on top of it all! That being said- the ring has always been something that was really important to me. Not to get too over the top and lovey dovey, but the ring is one of the only physical representations of our love for each other. So anyways, being able to find the perfect ring, individualize it with our wedding date, not have to go to a million jewelers AND it was affordable- was just magic. And if that wasn’t good enough, I felt confident throughout the entire shopping process. So long story short, I love my ring, I love my husband to be and I loved this service. Top marks all around :)

(I should also add that I never write reviews - so the fact I’m writing this really proves how happy I was!!)