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I designed a custom width band for my husband and the check out process, custom order, and shipping was flawless. We were a bit crunched for time and the order arrived so quickly on standard shipping! CS has been great. My husband's band was too big and the resizing process was so easy, and again, quick! We are so impressed by Holden’s minimalist products, quality, and customer service. We can’t stop raving about it to our friends!

Alba T.

El Cajon, CA

Beautifully crafted, well designed. Excellent, prompt, and attentive customer service. Overall a fantastic shopping experience.

Jo C.

Roslindale, MA

Holden personalized my fiancé's and my wedding rings with Japanese kanji as my fiancé is from Japan. They worked with us to provide the detail we desired to make a deep meaning out of our rings. They fit perfectly and were creative and crafted to our own design and desire! Great job Holden!

Paige C.

Summerville, SC

When we received our rings we were amazed by how beautiful and simple they were. We wanted to make some changes to the dimensions of our rings and when we emailed the company we got great suggestions. They made what could've been a long and tedious process into an awesome hands on experience for us. And we received our rings in two weeks. We are so grateful for not just our rings, but for the opportunity to be a part of the making of our rings. They are even more special because of that.

Marlenny O.

New York, NY