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HOLDEN wedding band in packaging

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Holden provided a sleek and affordable wedding band for my fiance. Their prices and modern styles are so much better than many jewelers. When the ring came and it didn't fit, the Holden team quickly and swiftly helped us resize it and sent it back in a timely manner.

Claire M.

Little Rock, AR

Verified Buyer
Customer service makes all the difference. I was debating between HOLDEN and Marke and had questions... This is where Holden won me over. Fast, friendly, super helpful responses from HOLDEN sold me. The beautiful rings were just the icing on the cake.

Noe R.

Austin, TX

Verified Buyer
After searching many other typi retail sites Holden popped up one day and caught my/our eye. After doing some extensive research to make sure the "too good to be true" feeling was on target I was impressed with the back story.and the products looked great.. Just had to run ot by my partner. Knowing that we had a planned trip to NYC I really wanted to meet with the folks at Holden with my partner and see 1st hand what kind of product they were offering.

We did just that. After meeting with Andrew for about an hour, (Almost unheard of for a co-founder of a company) were both very impressed ! He answered all our questions, and there were many, he had a comprehensive selection of just about every ring they sold that I had mentioned we had been interested in and our sizes. He came prepared and with extra stock to allow us to see differences and do some comparisons.

We had both thought we liked one style but found out there was a different style that offered a mirror - matte finish that ended up being the one...

The placing of the order itself was very easy. The timeliness of getting the order and then the outstanding customer service to fix for free a mistake we made on one of the 3 rings ordered was amazing.
We are extremely happy with the quality of the rings, the workmanship and design are perfect and the price cannot be beat!

Cindy F. & Cheryl B.

Palm Beach County, FL

Verified Buyer
Holden was great - they had lots of high quality and affordable options and we had a quick turnaround time to get my husband's wedding band and they were really flexible with us so that it came in time. Definitely recommend!!

Megan M.

Sacramento, CA

Verified Buyer