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Holden was able to engrave my fiancé's wedding band with Japanese kana; no other jeweler was able to do so. Craftsmanship of the ring is also remarkable.

Kylie W.

Panama City, FL

Verified Buyer
Great job!

Eric F.

Los Angeles, CA

Verified Buyer
I am in love with my Holden ring! I worked at a large chain jewelry company for several years and knew that I wanted to support a smaller, more ethically sound company when it was time to buy my ring. When I found Holden, I was sold right away on the price point, ethics, and design of your pieces- the only reason we didn't purchase right away was that COVID hit, and our September 2020 wedding went through some serious re-planning and re-budgeting that I thought would rule out getting me a ring. I got into a back-and-forth with the wonderful Carrie in Customer Service after responding to one of your feedback-solicitation emails. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I received my beautiful half-eternity band in the mail in gorgeous and thoughtful packaging. It's stunning and made so well- I could easily see paying 50% more for a similar ring from the large jeweler I used to work for. Thank you for making this a wonderful process from start to finish- my Holden ring is a beautiful symbol of my marriage (the one bright spot in 2020, tbh!) and I'm looking forward to recommending Holden to every engaged person I meet from here on out.

Carolyn B.

Seattle, WA

Verified Buyer
If I could rate this company higher, I would! I ordered our wedding bands last minute, so I was stressed out. When they arrived my husband wasn’t satisfied with his ring and wanted to exchange. Not only did they promise me they could exchange no problem, they assured me I would get it before my wedding (less than a month away) and they even refunded me some money since the ring we exchanged for was cheaper than the original. I can’t wait to recommend Holden to all my engaged friends!

Justine C.

Boston, MA

Verified Buyer
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