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Custom Rings for Men (or Anyone)

Ring Advice

Jewelry shopping can be intimidating. That’s why we started Ask Holden, our blog where we answer your FAQs, break down scary industry lingo, and guide you in finding the perfect piece of jewelry.

At Holden, every ring is custom made just for you. But what if you want something even more custom than our standard profiles? You’ve come to the right place for custom rings (and custom engagement bands, if that's something you're interested in). We’re often asked about custom men’s rings and men’s wedding bands, but we think these rings would look fantastic on people of all genders. We’d love to work with you to design your custom band - just shoot us an email at, and we’ll put you in touch with one of our designers!

10 Custom Rings We Love

Matching Cutout Ring

1. We love the idea of two wedding rings that need each other. These rings, when paired, make up a message to be shared only when the rings are united. When apart, the rings look classic and cool with a minimalist design.

Citrine Burnished Custom Ring

2. This ring features an embedded citrine stone - we’re able to make birthstone rings if that’s something you’re interested in!

Exterior Text Custom Ring Design

3. We offer interior engravings on all our standard rings, but did you know we can also engrave the exterior of your ring? Here’s an exterior text engraving we’ve done.

Custom Octagon Ring Design

4. We enjoyed creating this custom twist on our Octagon ring.

Custom Diamond Rings

We’ve gotten lots of custom diamond requests, whether for a wedding ring or a custom engagement band (FYI: we love engagement rings for people of all genders). Feast your eyes on some of our favorite custom diamond designs - made with lab grown diamonds, of course.

The Baguette Signet with Sapphire Side Stones

5. The Baguette Signet with Sapphire Side Stones

The 8mm Center Half Bezel

6. The 8mm Center Half Bezel

The Flush Baguette with Double Sided Eternity

7. The Flush Baguette with Double Sided Eternity

Double Flush Matching Set Custom Rings

8. The Double Flush/Double Flush Signet.

Triple Mini Pavé Custom Ring

9. The Triple Micro Pavé.

6mm Full Channel Custom Wedding Ring

10. The extra wide Full Channel Eternity Profile.

If any of these rings strikes your fancy, we’re happy to craft it for you! Looking for something a little different? Start by filling out this form, and we'll put our heads together to design you the perfect ring.

Questions? Give us a shout at or a ring (pun intended) at 646.722.6817.