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Lifetime Guarantee


Didn’t get the perfect fit the first time around? Don’t sweat it! We’re happy to provide one free resizing for domestic customers within 60 days of the delivery or pickup date. To initiate a resizing, simply email us at Customers who purchased an Extend Protection Plan and are within the coverage term can file claims for additional resizing services once our 60-day complimentary resizing period has passed. You can reach out to Extend’s virtual claims assistant here or call 877.248.7707 to get the process started. If you didn’t purchase an Extend plan, we can provide additional resizing services for a fee.

Due to the nature of precious metals, a ring can lose a small amount of material each time it's resized. We reserve the right to refuse a resizing request at any time if we determine that a ring's integrity or design will be compromised by a resizing procedure. Ring styles that cannot be resized can be exchanged for the best new size within 30 days of the delivery or pickup date. You can read our full return and exchange policy here.

Please note that most rings cannot be resized (up or down) more than one full size from the original size, and some ring designs cannot be resized at all. If a ring design cannot be resized, its product page will display a disclaimer under the size selection dropdown. You can also reach out to to confirm resizing possibilities.


We stand behind our products and warrant them to be free from any manufacturing or material defects for life.

All of our jewelry is cast and hand polished by expert jewelers, and we carefully inspect each item prior to shipping. In the event that you find a manufacturing defect, simply reach out to with a short explanation and photos (or a video) of the issue you’re experiencing. At our discretion, we may ask for you to return the item to us for inspection. If we determine your item is indeed damaged due to a manufacturing defect, we’ll replace or fix it at no cost to you. If we determine that your item is not damaged due to a manufacturing defect, we can provide repair services for a fee dependent on the scope of work required to service your item.

Please note that repair, resizing, or other services performed by any third party (excluding Extend and their repair network) will void your Limited Lifetime Warranty. We do not provide warranties for damage due to normal wear, product loss, theft, or damage caused by a failure to obtain repairs required to preserve the integrity of your item.

Due to the nature of precious metals and gemstones, it’s not uncommon for your jewelry to become damaged by certain activities, as the result of trauma, or even during the course of normal wear. Some examples of common issues that would not be considered manufacturing defects include, but are not limited to:

• Discoloration caused by chemicals in products like lotions or makeup, or immersion in pools or hot tubs

• Rings becoming misshapen due to excessive pressure or heat

• Prongs catching, wearing down, or bending over time as a result of normal wear, including gemstone loss


Want additional coverage for all of your tomorrows? We’ve partnered with Extend to offer our customers further protection beyond what’s covered by our manufacturer’s warranty.

Extend plans provide coverage for accidental damage, as well as additional services such as free resizing (outside of our 60-day complimentary resizing period), rhodium-plating, re-polishing, replacement of side/accent or center stones due to worn or broken settings, and more. We’re currently working in collaboration with Extend to provide our customers with 3-year, 5-year, and Lifetime plan options. The full details are available here.

If you have any questions regarding Extend Protection Plans, please contact Extend through their claims portal here, or by calling 877.248.7707.

Please note that Extend is not insurance, and does not provide coverage for theft or product loss. If you’re looking to insure your jewelry through a third party, we’ve heard from many of our customers that Jewelers Mutual is a good option!


We personally love how precious metals wear over time, but if you’re keen to keep your item’s original shiny (or matte!) finish, we offer re-polishing services at $40/item. Please email us at to initiate a re-polishing service. If you purchased an Extend Protection Plan and are within the coverage term, you can reach out to their virtual claims assistant here or call 877.248.7707 to file a re-polishing claim.

Note: The above policies are effective for orders placed on or after 5/30/2023. All orders will be subject to the policies that were in place at the date of purchase. Please reach out to with any questions about covered services.