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We’re highlighting the steps we’ve taken to lessen HOLDEN’s environmental impact. We’ll update this page as we continue making improvements!

What we're doing

thoughtful packaging

Our boxes are made from at least 50% recycled paper. We also use a recyclable shipping label and kraft packing tape, so your box is fully recyclable.

Climate Neutral Certified

Every year, we measure and offset HOLDEN’s entire carbon footprint. From the sourcing of our precious metals to the final delivery of your custom ring, we're committed to reducing our environmental impact every step of the way.

Locally made

Our workshops and fulfillment center are within blocks of each other in NYC. We walk (and occasionally skateboard) rings between each location.

Custom made to order

Every ring is custom made to order, meaning every ring has a home - we hold zero wasteful excess inventory.

Sustainable materials

Our rings are made exclusively from recycled precious metals and lab-grown diamonds.

Recycled returns

Returned rings are melted down to create new products, meaning nothing goes to waste.

Free resizing

With free lifetime resizing, you never have to buy a new ring. Rings are sent back to you with minimal packaging - like compostable packing peanuts that dissolve in water.

In-person pickup

We proudly offer local in-person pickups in NYC, which include a free HOLDEN tote.