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HOLDEN Packaging


On this page, you can learn about what steps HOLDEN has taken to lessen our environmental impact. Sustainability is a work-in-progress, so we’ll be updating this page as we continue making improvements!

HOLDEN reusable tote


Our rings are made from start to finish in New York City using recycled precious metals and lab-grown diamonds. Each ring is made to order, which means we never hold excess inventory that could go to waste (returns are melted down to create new rings as well!).

Our casting workshop, polishing workshop, and office are all within a block of one other, which means every ring is transported by foot (and sometimes via skateboard!) between the three. We are proud to offer in-person ring pickups in NYC, and we include a reusable HOLDEN tote with every pickup!

HOLDEN biodegradable packing peanuts


Our rings are shipped in boxes made from at least 50% recycled content - and we’re working with our box manufacturers to ensure that number is as close to 100% as possible. We use recyclable kraft packing tape with biodegradable adhesive and shipping labels with a recyclable liner. As insulation to keep our rings safe, we use compostable packing peanuts made from corn. You can compost them, dissolve them in water, or *technically* eat them (although...we’ve tried it and don’t recommend it).