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The History of Wedding Rings

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Introducing The Gem Collection in Support of The Trevor Project

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AAPI Owned Wedding Businesses

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Put a Ring On It: What The Placement of Your Ring Symbolizes

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To Have and To Holden: Joseph and William's Unexpected Romance

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What Does it Mean to be Climate Neutral?

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The Best Ring for Your Myers-Briggs Personality

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Introducing our Newest Product: The HOLD-DEN

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10 Gender Neutral Wedding Rings You'll Love

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To Have and to HOLDEN: David and Erica (and their grandmas)

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Women's History Month: HOLDEN's Production Manager Jeeyun Kang

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The History Behind Jumping the Broom

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How to Get a Stuck Ring Off

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The Secret Messages of Flowers (and the Rings to Pair Them With)

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To Have and to HOLDEN: Yellow and Lavender's Lucy and Ryliegh

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