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Put a Ring On It: What The Placement of Your Ring Symbolizes

Ring Advice

Jewelry shopping can be intimidating. That’s why we started Ask Holden, our blog where we answer your FAQs, break down scary industry lingo, and guide you in finding the perfect piece of jewelry.

Rings have different meanings depending on which finger you wear them. We’ve explained it to you finger by finger.

Left & Right Thumbs

Your thumbs don’t mean anything in particular, but wearing a ring on your thumb (regardless of which hand) is definitely a power move. It evokes confidence, self-assertion, willpower, and, in our opinion, is peak fashion and accessorizing.

Right Index Finger

In some cultures, the wedding band actually goes on your right index finger. In most cases, the ring is plain and gold.

Right Middle Finger

No statement to be made here, but it is a great finger for showing off your ring…or you know, showing off a bit of your spicy side.

Right Ring Finger

In some countries (such as Germany, Russia and India), a ring placed on your right ring finger is a sign of marriage.

Right Pinky Finger

Rings worn on your right pinky finger are often associated with your professional status. Especially in the fields of engineering and ecology, a ring on this finger can symbolize your graduation in a specific field.

Left Pinky Ring

Left pinky rings have two meanings:

1. When worn by a man, a left pinky ring historically signified that the ring-wearer was married, so long as there was a signet on top of the wedding band.

2. If a man wore just a single ring on their pinky finger, it meant that they were tied to the mafia.

Left Ring Finger

Wearing a ring on your left finger symbolizes your marriage or engagement. The Ancient Romans believed that this finger was connected to your "vena amoris" (the vein of love) - hence why your wedding ring goes on this hand. Even though that's not a real thing, it is a very sweet sentiment. Some people choose to switch the finger of their engagement ring after they get married, but others choose to stack their rings (don't worry, we've got ring stacking tips for you). 

Some people choose to wear promise rings or chastity rings on these fingers as well.

Left Middle Finger

Some people have suggested that the left middle finger can symbolize power or responsibility, but there is no definitive statement to be made by wearing a ring on this finger.

Left Index Finger

This finger doesn’t have any specific meaning behind it, but it is a great placement for a ring if you want it to get noticed. It’s called high impact placing!

Even though it doesn’t have a specific meaning, it is associated with different characteristics that you can channel into your own life, such as: leadership, self-confidence, ambition and spirituality.

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