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The Best Wedding Ring Based on Your Favorite Taylor Swift Era

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Jewelry shopping can be intimidating. That’s why we started Ask Holden, our blog where we answer your FAQs, break down scary industry lingo, and guide you in finding the perfect piece of jewelry.

Need help finding “the 1”? Well, you’re in luck, because we just assigned wedding rings to every Taylor Swift era. Before we begin again, we’d like to give a little disclaimer that 1) these are just the opinions of one passionate Swiftie on our team, and 2) this should by no means determine the ring you choose to wear for the rest of your life (unless you want it to!).

Taylor Swift: The Full Frame Pear

The Full Frame Pear ring by Holden in white gold

When we think “Tim McGraw,” we think of young love—and its inevitable heartbreaks. There are plenty of happy songs on Taylor’s debut album, but the best ones make you want to scream or sob: “Picture to Burn,” “Should’ve Said No,” “Cold as You”…we rest our case! We chose “The Full Frame Pear” for Swift’s self-titled album and our reasoning is as follows: “Teardrops on My Guitar” > teardrops > pear cut looks like a teardrop. Any questions?

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Fearless: The Full Column Emerald

The Full Column Emerald ring by Holden in yellow gold

Fearless is bold, it’s honest, it doesn’t hold back or hide. Taylor’s feelings are clearly and confidently expressed in lyrics for songs like “Hey Stephen,” “You Belong with Me,” “You’re Not Sorry,” and “Forever & Always.” A high clarity grade is crucial for emerald-cut diamonds (which can noticeably show imperfections), so we picked The Full Column Emerald for Fearless.

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Speak Now: The Flush Gem

The Flush Gem Ring by Holden in white gold with a purple sapphire

Speak Now was Taylor’s purple era, so we’d be remiss not to incorporate a purple sapphire. Since Swift wrote this entire album herself, we decided to go with the engravable Flush Gem ring. You can write your own personalized message on the ring (free of charge!) just like Taylor used to write song lyrics on her arms for live performances. Don’t mind skipping the engraving but want more purple? Check out The Gem Royal Flush instead.

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Red: The Gem Half Eternity

The Gem Half Eternity ring by Holden in yellow gold with rubies

Rubies for Red is pretty obvious, but hey, it’s the name of the album for a reason! The color perfectly epitomizes the passion of the fleeting relationships Taylor explores throughout. Red was the last album before Taylor’s permanent shift from country to pop and includes songs from both genres, so we figured it made sense to go with a half eternity style like The Gem Half Eternity for this era.

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1989: The Open Baguette

The Open Baguette ring by Holden in white gold

"You can want who you want / Boys and boys and girls and girls." These lyrics signify a pretty profound shift in mindset and messaging for Taylor, who created this album following her move from Nashville to NYC. 1989 not only invented a brand new sound but also embraced brand new perspectives, which you really can’t do without keeping an open mind. For this reason, we couldn’t think of a ring more fitting for the 1989 era than The Open Baguette!

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reputation: The Flush Baguette

The Flush Baguette ring by Holden in white gold with a black gemstone

reputation was Taylor’s original black-and-white era, so we decided it needed a grayscale ring. We’re swapping out the diamond on The Flush Baguette for a black stone: it could be an onyx, black sapphire, or black diamond depending on stone availability (simply email us at to confirm what’s possible). reputation is undoubtedly one of Taylor’s edgiest albums to date, so we love that The Flush Baguette has sharp, squared edges to embody that.

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Lover: The Pride Royal Flush

The Pride Royal Flush ring by Holden in rose gold

Taylor got loud about her politics during this era, including her support of the LGBTQ+ community. Not only is the entire album rainbow-themed, but “You Need to Calm Down” became an outspoken anthem for LGBTQ+ rights and equality, leading to a surge in GLAAD donations following the music video’s release. We hope to continue this trend with our Lover ring pick, The Pride Royal Flush, for which we donate $50 to The Trevor Project in addition to 1% of all sales (with a minimum donation of $50,000 annually).

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folklore: The Organic

The Organic ring by Holden in white gold

folklore took us into the woods and back in time through its poetic, introspective lyrics. The Organic ring, true to its name, mimics textures found in nature. Its simple style reminds us of a simpler time in jewelry-making, bringing a feeling of nostalgia that matches the album's themes and raw, stripped-down style. We went with a mirror finish to make this ring reflective, capturing the introspective quality of the album’s storytelling.

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evermore: The Full Angled Marquise

The Full Angled Marquise ring by Holden in yellow gold

Since folklore and evermore are sister albums, our picks for each are somewhat interchangeable. Our evermore ring, The Full Angled Marquise, similarly evokes natural textures, such as those found in a laurel wreath. It’s also a full eternity style, meaning that the diamonds around the band are meant to symbolize “forever,” a theme that’s explored in both albums. Don’t like a gold rush? We can also make this ring in platinum.

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Midnights: The Full Floating Eternity

The Full Floating Eternity ring by Holden in white gold

During the Midnights era, we noticed a fair bit of cloud imagery in the “Lavender Haze” music video and Eras Tour live performances. This fits well with the album's nighttime themes. Now, what do clouds do? They float—just like the diamonds in our Full Floating Eternity ring. In the right light, they'll also sparkle like stars in a midnight sky, which you can gaze at while reflecting on lost loves, just like Taylor does. Stay bejeweled, friends!

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The Duo Eternity by Holden in white goldDouble album? 'Double' ring. The Duo Eternity features round diamonds on one half of the band and baguettes on the other, so it's essentially two rings in one. We feel the same about THE ANTHOLOGY: the diamond shapes themselves mirror the transition from the vibrant, synth-heavy production (dazzling rounds) in the first half to the more subdued production style (understated baguettes) in the second. We’re still in analysis mode on the lyrics, but think that the dual (cough cough two-faced) nature of the primary muse is nicely paralleled by the duo quality of the ring.

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