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To Have and To HOLDEN: Wedding Playlists with Caze and Jeremy

To Have and to HOLDEN is our series where we interview real couples about their romance, weddings, and whatever else comes up along the way. Enjoy!

Caze and Jeremy are music industry pros based in Los Angeles. Caze works as a music supervisor (her documentary Free Meek was nominated for a Music Supervisors Guild award!), and Jeremy is a composer for movies, TV, and trailers. We had the chance to chat with them about their story, their wedding (Jeremy wore our Domed Profile), and their wedding playlists (full Spotify playlists at the end of the interview 😉). Spoiler alert: they (unsurprisingly) have amazing taste in music.

I would love to hear about how you met.

Caze: We met three and a half years ago in LA at a friend's house in Silver Lake. Jeremy had just moved to LA from Nashville, and I had also somewhat recently moved to LA from Brooklyn. I do music supervision, and a friend of mine has these living room showcases. He's had Big Thief and Phoebe Bridgers and a bunch of awesome artists that play in his living room either with an acoustic set or a single synth.

Jeremy: We were both in places in our lives where we were not actively looking for a relationship. We had both just moved to Los Angeles, we were both recently out of relationships, and then that first night we couldn't stop talking and pretty much from that moment forward we began this whole journey.

Caze: He was obsessed with me pretty much, from that moment.

Jeremy: It's true. I was.

Caze and Jeremy for HOLDEN

Do you two have any favorite LA spots you would recommend?

Caze: Our favorite restaurant by far is a Thai spot called Night Market. Jeremy's best man is the manager there.

Jeremy: Which doesn't help our Night Market obsession. We were obsessed before, and now we go all the time.

Caze: We have lived in Highland Park for a few years and bought a house here last spring. We love a Taiwanese Chinese spot called Joy. We love Home State Tacos. We love the Gold Line Bar. There's the best Mexican restaurant in Eagle Rock called Cacao.

Caze and Jeremy for HOLDEN

How did you get engaged?

Caze: We started vacationing in Palm Springs very early on in our relationship. We were going down for one of our weekends, and Jeremy surprised me with the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in and I was like, "Where are we going? This isn't where the hotel is." And he said, "Shut up," basically. And then we showed up at the Parker Palm Springs, which is one of my favorite hotels. We were going out to dinner and walking around the grounds of Parker and pulled over to a little seated area to drink some wine before dinner. That's where it happened. Jeremy was very nervous.

Jeremy: I think I was more nervous for that than I was for anything else in my life. I feel like I blacked out for most of it but I had a whole idea of what it was going to be, and then in the moment emotions caught both of us. We are both relatively private people. So it felt like it needed to be a private moment between us, which it was.

Caze and Jeremy for HOLDEN

Is there one moment from your wedding you know you're going to remember forever?

Jeremy: We had our ceremony off in a lawn on the property. When we left the ceremony, we turned a corner and we were looking out over the grounds of the wedding of the estate that we were at. And I remember just looking at all of this and feeling so very in it, you know, very, very present in that moment. And also realizing that we just walked down the aisle and we were married now.

Caze: I think my favorite part of the actual wedding day was actually at the reception after all the mandatory stuff was over and we could fully relax. Pretty much immediately after all of that was done with, the music kicked up to high gear, and all our guests rushed onto the dance floor. 8-10pm felt like it whizzed by in five minutes, and no one could bring themselves to leave the dance floor - Jer and I had curated all the songs we wanted played and hired a DJ to mix them, and everyone said it was the most lit wedding dance floor they'd ever seen.

Caze and Jeremy for HOLDEN

What was important to you when you were looking for wedding rings?

Jeremy: I wanted something classic, something that I felt would last forever. It's actually very similar to the ring my dad has always worn, his wedding ring, and I've always thought that was just exactly what I wanted, something very classic like that. When I found HOLDEN, it was everything I was looking for - a company that was founded on the right ideas of what marriage and love was and offered something that was easy, classic and would last a long time.

Caze: It actually came too big at first, but HOLDEN just had us send it back and resized it in a rush and sent it back in time for the wedding. So, that was really cool.

Jeremy: Yeah, the process was as easy as can be.

Caze and Jeremy for HOLDEN

So what's one piece of advice that you have for couples planning a wedding?

Caze: The weekend truly is such a whirlwind. Just be completely ready, so that you can live in the moment and not be stressed about getting things done, and then find opportunities to take pressure off yourself. We didn't want to speak during the ceremony, the thought of saying our vows in front of everyone made us so nervous that we were like, "Well, let's not do it. We know how we feel about each other, like let's just make it as easy as possible."

Jeremy: This was advice that was given to me, and I just thought it was really great: find a moment in the middle of everything to kind of take a step away together and feel present and kind of look out over everything, see what's happening and appreciate that moment. And then my second is don't be afraid of a large wedding party.

Caze: Yeah. We had a massive wedding party, and everyone was like, "Oh my gosh, this is so intense." And we were like, "We don't care." It ended up being way more fun. We had all of our friends.

Caze and Jeremy for HOLDEN

My last question is, I would love to hear what love means to you.

Caze: I think the most important thing about love and our relationship is always being able to laugh about anything. As cheesy as that sounds, you go through some serious stuff, and you have to be able to laugh about stuff. That's my favorite thing about Jeremy and our relationship and our love is that we can laugh about literally anything.

Jeremy: It's about having a partner who is there for you when you need them, and you're there for them when they need you. And sometimes those moments don't actually align very well, and sometimes you just need each other. It's being able to work together to get through everything together, and like you said, laugh as much as possible.

Caze and Jeremy's Wedding Playlists:

Photos courtesy of: Dani Padgett Weddings

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