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To Have & to HOLDEN

A Velveeta + Doritos Elopement with Huck and Kate

Real Couples

To Have and to Holden is our series where we interview real couples about their romance, weddings, and whatever else comes up along the way. Enjoy!

Huck and Kate's love story has traveled all over the country - from a digital meet cute in Tennessee to an engagement in Maine. For their wedding, the couple chose an elopement in Montana, at Glacier National Park. Both partners chose The Domed in white gold for their wedding bands. Read on for their story - and some epic wedding photos.

How did you meet and start dating?

In 2019, while both on separate Memorial Day trips, we happened to both end up in Nashville, Tennessee and out of boredom both downloaded Bumble. Like two ships passing in the night, we both swiped right, having only been in the same place briefly - Huck in town for a few days, but Kate only for a few hours while connecting through BNA. Huck messaged first and asked what Kate had been watching on Netflix lately. When Kate responded with the exact things that Huck had also been watching, they kept talking and haven't stopped since.

Montana Elopement Huck and Kate Wedding

How did you get engaged?

We got engaged on September 21, 2020 in Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine while hiking along the shoreline. There were huge swells taking our breath away as the tide came in. Huck popped the question after terribly holding onto the secret plan and the ring for several months. Kate had been suspicious but was surprised nonetheless, especially because she’d been the one to pick out the hike for the day.

Montana Elopement Huck and Kate Wedding

What’s a moment from your wedding day that you’ll remember forever?

Of course we will remember our vows and all the immense love for one another that we felt and shared, but we also had a pretty crazy day. There was construction going on in the area of the park where we wanted to say our vows. The flagger was asleep in his van as we were rushing to beat the sunrise in Many Glacier, which led to a pretty funny start to our day. We also couldn’t find any restaurants open after our ceremony, so we settled on the expired Velveeta Mac and Cheese and Cool Ranch Doritos we picked up at the only market we could find. We made the best of it and treated each other to a nice dinner out later in the trip to celebrate instead.

Montana Elopement Huck and Kate Wedding

What advice do you have for a couple planning a wedding right now?

Do what YOU and your spouse want for the day. Other people will always have opinions and suggestions, but you two are the only ones that will claim this day forever.

Montana Elopement Huck and Kate Wedding

What was important to you in choosing a ring? What made you choose Holden?

We wanted a company that made an effort to truly be inclusive and that made something of quality that we would want to wear every day, forever.

Montana Elopement Huck and Kate Wedding

What does love mean to you?

Being able to find a safe place within your partner, a refuge from all the hard things you’ll face together and being able to know it’ll all be okay.

Montana Elopement Huck and Kate Wedding

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Photos courtesy of: Jessica Billings Photography

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