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To Have & to HOLDEN

Joseph and William's Unexpected Romance

Real Couples

To Have and to Holden is our series where we interview real couples about their romance, weddings, and whatever else comes up along the way. Enjoy!

While neither of them were looking for love, Joseph and William fell hard after meeting at their local gym. Talk about finding love in unexpected places. They chose The Stepped and The Column for their wedding bands.

How did you get engaged?

Joseph and William's Engagement Photos


We hosted a holiday party at our home where all of our close friends came over. I had the ring in my pocket the whole night and told 3 people at the party what I was planning, but everyone else was in the dark. Will and I had discussed marriage before and had even gone as far as showing each other what type of Holden ring we wanted. I received Will’s ring the day before the party, so I was super excited to present it to him when I popped the question. I got up in front of our friends and made a speech to welcome everyone to our home and asked him to join me. As I was going through my welcome, I became emotional and then looked at him and asked him to marry me. He was so surprised and said “yes, of course!” I presented the ring in my pocket and he gave me the wrong hand to put it on! We had quite the laugh about that.


Little did Joseph know, I had actually ordered his engagement ring from Holden when we were visiting his family for Thanksgiving. At that point I waited until we were on a trip over Christmas break to propose to him. I was a nervous wreck and started by saying, “You know I love you right?” to which he responded, “Are you breaking up with me?”. After that we had a good laugh and I stumbled through the rest. In that moment of pure joy and nerves, I was reminded of what happiness is, what it truly means to love someone truly and unconditionally.

What’s a moment from your wedding day that you’ll remember forever?

Our favorite moment was right before we walked down the aisle, we exchanged the vows we had written to each other. Joseph of course was emotional, but it was just a reminder of how happy it made us to know we had found our missing pieces, our other halves.

Joseph and William's Wedding

What advice do you have for a couple planning a wedding right now?


Make the day about you and no one else. Don’t sweat the small stuff as it all falls into place. Everything will NOT go perfectly, but it will be a perfect memory of the start of your lives together, so savor it.


Keep it simple, as it’s easy to get caught up in the details and adding things here and there to please others. Decide what is most important and make those things your priorities - it’s about the two of you.

Joseph and William's Wedding Rings

What does love mean to you?


Love is a feeling, love is an emotion, love is an action. Love is that feeling inside you get when you know you would do anything for that person to ensure they never felt sadness, loneliness, or unwanted ever again. 


Love feels like home. True love provides a feeling of security in all of the senses. Love is beautiful, challenging, and something that you can’t live without. When you find those feelings and actions in someone else, love is natural and undeniable.

Joseph and William

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Photographer: Bailey Minette