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I'm so happy I chose Holden for my wedding bands. It was refreshing to have prices so up front while making a decision, with no added costs to consider for engraving, re-sizing, or even shipping. My special requests for engraving and quarter sizing not specifically listed on the site were easily accommodated. Communication was always polite, prompt, and helpful. When I had a problem with my post office, Holden went above and beyond to help me fix the issue. Even though these were items ordered online, opening the box felt like such a personal and special experience. Resizing was easy and painless. With Holden, it truly felt like I was collaborating with a team that had my back each step of the way, with beautiful results. I love having a ring that feels so sleek and high quality, but still has the personal touches of a more artisan item.

Katie E.

Newark, NJ

Straightforward shopping experience, helpful online customer service before ordering.

Kim K.

New York, NY

My experience with HOLDEN was excellent! They were able to customize the ring how I wanted and I absolutely love it! I would highly recommend HOLDEN for anyone looking for a quality ring at a great price.

Kelly T.

Saint Paul, MN

I am so impressed with my ring -- I love how Holden's designs emphasize quality and simplicity, and I greatly appreciated the fast and courteous correspondence via email when I had questions and a special request. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!

Aaron B.

Arlington, VA