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6 Perfect Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Bands

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Jewelry shopping can be intimidating. That’s why we started Ask Holden, our blog where we answer your FAQs, break down scary industry lingo, and guide you in finding the perfect piece of jewelry.

If you’d like a ring to symbolize your engagement, but you’re not sure about getting a traditional large diamond setting, you’ve come to the right place! While we absolutely love diamond engagement rings (my sister and I are already fighting over the vintage engagement rings our mom received from both of her grandmothers), halo engagement rings, cushion cut diamonds, princess cut rings, and everything that solitaire engagement rings have to offer, we also love simplicity here at Holden. Today, we’re discussing engagement ring bands and showing you some examples that we love. While we’re at it, might we add that exclusively making engagement rings for women is something we’re not all that into - anyone of any gender can rock an engagement band! Check out our list of six rings we love for engagement bands, so you can start finding the perfect ring.

6 Perfect Engagement Ring Bands

1. The Flush Baguette

If you’ve got a hankering for a center diamond, might we recommend our Flush Baguette? The center stone sits flush in the band itself, so you don’t have to worry about ring settings getting out of place.

Shop The Flush Baguette

2. The Full Eternity

Is a single stone engagement ring not exactly what you’re looking for? Why not choose our Full Eternity Profile in rose gold and coat your ring with diamonds?

Shop The Full Eternity

3. The Half Channel Baguette

Love the look of the Flush Baguette, but craving just a few more diamonds? We’ve got you covered.

Shop The Half Channel Baguette

4. The Full Row Oval

The Full Row Oval is a like a crown for your finger – a crown made of sparkly, brilliant-cut oval diamonds.

Shop The Full Row Oval

5. The Square

The Square Profile in white gold is sleek, minimalist, and refined. Plus, it stacks nicely with others.

Shop The Square

6. The Royal Flush

The Royal Flush Profile is a playful take on a diamond band that we just love love love.

Shop The Royal Flush

Looking for a baguette diamond shape? Want to throw in some colorful gemstones (or even do a mix of diamond and gemstone for something vintage inspired?!)? If you didn’t find the perfect engagement band to match your dream wedding ring, fill out this form, and we’ll help you out with a custom design! We also give excellent advice on wedding bands. ;)

Questions? Give us a shout at or a ring (pun intended) at 646.722.6817.