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Why We Love Flush Setting Engagement Rings

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Considering purchasing an engagement ring for your partner but aren’t sure if they’re the type who wants a large center stone? Perhaps you and your partner want to wear matching engagement rings and are looking for something that speaks to both of you. Or maybe you’re planning to forgo an engagement ring altogether but still want a little bling. Enter: Flush Diamond Rings.

Flush Diamond Rings

This ring features a center diamond (or several) as a nod to a traditional engagement ring, but the center stone sits flush with the metals of the band. Ring makers set these diamonds by drilling a small hole into the band, inserting the diamond or gemstone, and pushing the precious metals around the edges of the diamond to secure it in the band. It’s not dissimilar to a bezel setting, but instead of a strip of metal surrounding the stone, the stone rests in the band itself.

Flush set diamond rings are also known in the jewelry industry as “burnished settings” and “gypsy settings.” The latter term is a historical reference - when wealthy Victorians would travel, they’d set large stones in thick gold bands so that the stones would look less ostentatious. That way, the stone would be less likely to be stolen if their carriage was stopped and ransacked by a nomadic group - then known as gypsies.

Since “gypsy” is now acknowledged as an offensive and outdated term, we prefer to use the moniker “flush setting,” which more accurately and appropriately describes the setting!

In addition to being a less flashy option for an engagement ring, a flush ring can be a safer option for those who are worried about a large diamond getting caught on or scratching objects you interact with day to day. Diamonds are the world’s hardest substance, which means they can scratch almost anything. With a flush set ring, your diamond will be less likely to scratch the objects (and people!) around you.

If you have an active lifestyle, a flush setting also might be the choice for you, as your diamond will be far less likely to become dislodged and fall out of your ring entirely. You don’t have to worry about your diamond as you go about your daily activities - the stone is securely embedded in your ring.

Flush diamond rings can also be a great option for a unique and unexpected wedding ring. If you’re planning to opt out of an engagement ring entirely, a flush ring allows you to incorporate a diamond into your wedding band without being flashy. Flush rings look fantastic in wedding ring stacks as well - they pair with traditional and nontraditional engagement rings.

The Flush Diamond

Perhaps the most classic choice for a flush eternity ring, The Flush Diamond features a single stone in the middle of the band surrounded by precious metals. If you’re looking for a subtle diamond accent, consider choosing a silvery metal such as white gold or platinum. If you want the diamond to pop, choose yellow gold or rose gold so that the diamond contrasts with the metal.

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The Flush Baguette

The Flush Baguette is an excellent option if you’re looking for a flush band but want a differently shaped diamond (for example, if you’re considering The Row Baguette as a wedding band and want a coordinating diamond for your engagement ring - or vice versa). In this ring style, a baguette cut diamond is set vertically in the ring.

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One of the benefits of The Flush Diamond and The Flush Baguette is that both rings can be easily resized - even if you do your best to sneakily get your partner’s ring size for an engagement ring, it’s possible the fit still might not be quite right, in which case you might need to send your ring back to us for a free resizing.

The Royal Flush

The Royal Flush

Akin to an eternity band in that the ring features diamonds all the way around the band, The Royal Flush is a slightly flashier choice for a flush engagement ring or wedding band. Flush set diamonds line the band, so now matter how the ring rotates, you’ll see diamonds from any angle. This makes The Royal Flush a great option if you are thinking of going the traditional engagement ring route, as your center stone won’t hide the only diamond in the ring.

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Now that you’ve gotten a chance to understand the history and benefits of a flush diamond ring, check out our full selection of flush rings. At the moment we offer flush rings with round and baguette stones, but it's also possible to flush set fancy shapes like a princess cut. Looking for something in particular? Email us at

Questions? Give us a shout at or a ring (pun intended) at 646.722.6817.