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Matching Wedding Bands: Suggestions and Ideas

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Jewelry shopping can be intimidating. That’s why we started Ask Holden, our blog where we answer your FAQs, break down scary industry lingo, and guide you in finding the perfect piece of jewelry.

One thing couples ask us all the time is: should we be coordinating our wedding rings? For some, it’s a headache: not only do I have to choose between a matte finish or a mirrored one for my band, but I now have to put my head together with my spouse-to-be and see what *their* opinion is? Other couples are psyched about the prospect of wearing matching rings. But is there a hard and fast rule about whether or not it’s required?

The short answer is: of course you don’t have to match if you don’t want to! We promise, rings are a symbol of your love, regardless of what they look like - or whether or not they match. Trust us when we say: matching wedding rings don’t make you and your partner a better match for each other! You’re a perfect match already.

If you decide that you do prefer to match your wedding rings in some manner, you have many options. Of course, there’s the option to go for the theoretical gold (or platinum!) and get identical rings (properly sized for your fingers, of course!). But of course, you could choose to match in a multitude of ways. Read on for some suggestions.

A quick note: some jewelers choose to offer a matching wedding band set that is already coordinated between the two rings. Here at Holden, instead of offering a specific wedding ring set, we simply make all our rings available in any size. This way, instead of offering rings specifically designated for men and women, we offer all rings for all genders. Pick your favorite!

Matching Metals

Matching Metals

One way you could choose to coordinate your rings is by picking the same metal. This is probably the most common way our couples match their rings. Maybe you both want your rings to be yellow gold, but you choose contrasting styles, such as an eternity band for one of you and the Faceted Profile for the other. Another option is to match karat itself - perhaps you and your partner both want 14k gold because you met in 2014 (cute!), but you prefer white gold and they want rose gold. You’re still matching!

By the way, if you’re curious as to what materials we use for our wedding bands and why we choose not to offer sterling silver or tungsten wedding bands, check out our post on how to pick the best metal for your wedding band.

Above Image: The Hammered paired with The Stepped, both in 14k white gold

Matching Profiles

Matching Profiles

If you and your partner want to wear rings in the same style (such as two Half Eternity Profiles), there are still ways to customize the rings based on your personal preferences. Perhaps one of you chooses it in rose gold and the other in white gold. Another option would be to go for varying widths depending on how you want the rings to look on your respective fingers.

Complementary Profiles

If you and your partner are both looking for something geometric, perhaps you could each pick a ring that gives a nice nod to Pythagoras - like our Octagon Profile and our Triangle Profile: don’t be obtuse, I think you’re acute and we fit together like...right angles, baby! Or something like that, we took geometry a long time ago.

We sort our rings by collections (not gender), which can be a helpful tool for you when trying to find coordinating rings. For example, you and your partner could check out our diamond collection to see if there are two styles of diamond rings that suit you - remember, diamonds can be anyone’s best friend! Pictured below is a diamond set of coordinating rings we made custom for a couple.

Matching Wedding Bands Custom Diamond Rings

What About My Engagement Ring?

If you’re planning to wear an engagement ring and wedding band, you have even more coordination opportunities! Perhaps your partner has chosen not to wear an engagement ring (although we’ve gotta say, we do love the idea of partners of all genders wearing engagement rings!), but they might want to match you by adding a small flush diamond to their wedding band. Or maybe your engagement ring is made of rose gold, so your partner chooses a rose gold wedding band to match you.

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Can I Custom Make a Wedding Band Set?

Absolutely. If you and your partner are looking for unique matching wedding bands, we can definitely make you the rings of your dreams. Pictured below is one of our all-time favorite custom designs - when the couple’s rings are placed together, they form their initials.

Matching Wedding Bands 14k Gold

Got any other questions about matching wedding bands - or an idea about a custom design you and your partner are dreaming about? Feel free to send us an email at, and someone on our design team can help you out!

Questions? Give us a shout at or a ring (pun intended) at 646.722.6817.