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The Best Diamond Shape for Every Astrological Sign

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Jewelry shopping can be intimidating. That’s why we started Ask Holden, our blog where we answer your FAQs, break down scary industry lingo, and guide you in finding the perfect piece of jewelry.

We love many things here at Holden (we're in the business of love!), and two of our biggest passions are diamonds and astrology. Today, we're combining them and picking out the best diamond shape for your zodiac sign. The perfect diamond for your engagement ring could be written in the stars! Of course, these are just suggestions - definitely go with the shape that speaks to you. Feel free to check out your Venus or moon sign for more inspiration (or you could even choose the shape that corresponds to your partner's sign so you can have them with you always!).

The Domed Solitaire with an Oval DiamondAries: Oval

Natural leaders and problem solvers, Aries folks exude confidence. For you, we’ve picked an oval shaped diamond because it takes a classic (the round diamond) and makes it even more efficient: a slightly smaller carat will look larger when elongated. You’re innovative and unafraid to tweak or challenge the norm! This diamond shape is also quite durable because there are no pointed ends - it can keep up with a busy Aries lifestyle.

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The Square Solitaire with a Cushion DiamondTaurus: Cushion

Tauruses prioritize luxury and comfort. We (yes, I’m a Taurus) love the finer things in life! I will openly admit to having EIGHT pillows on my bed, which, I have learned from non-Tauruses, could be considered…excessive? But to that I say: I need as many cushions as possible because my bed is my favorite place to be! The cushion shaped diamond represents our Taurus pride in making our space comfortable for ourselves and those we love. Also, a Taurus loves luxury and this diamond’s facets are designed for maximum fire (aka lots of colors bouncing off your walls when your ring catches that late morning light because you’re still luxuriating in bed!).

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The Triangle Solitaire with an Asscher DiamondGemini: Asscher

Gemini is the sign of the twins. You hold multitudes - at your best you’re super flexible and open to new experiences, at your...less than best you can be perceived as a bit unreliable. You can be a Jekyll and Hyde situation - you don’t always know which twin you’re going to get! Because Gemini can hold more than one truth, we’ve paired you with a shape that holds the best characteristics of two diamond shapes, creating a new thing completely. An Asscher diamond contains elements of the emerald and the princess diamond - honor and celebrate your duality, Gemini! You contain multitudes.

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The Eternity Solitaire with a Pear DiamondCancer: Pear

Cancers are known for being deeply emotional signs. A pear shaped diamond is also known as a teardrop diamond, and one thing that’s lovely about you is that you’re unafraid to show your emotional side. Cry it out if you feel so inclined, Cancer! Cancers are deeply devoted to their partners, and one sweet detail about the pear shaped diamond is that it’s traditionally worn with the point facing the wearer’s heart. Very romantic! One thing to note: a pear shaped diamond is sensitive (just like a Cancer) - the pointed tip can chip if it’s not properly protected by your ring setting.

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The Floating Solitaire with a Princess DiamondLeo: Princess

I mean, come on!! Leos are represented by the lion (aka the king of the forest), making the princess shape perfect for you. Leos also thrive in the spotlight, and if America’s persevering obsession with the British royal family (despite saying we were over them back in 1776...) is any indication, princesses get a LOT of attention. Leo, we know you can handle it! Princess diamonds are also one of the most environmentally friendly shapes, because the cut incorporates almost 80% of the raw diamond. Since your sign is represented by the king of the forest, choose a shape that protects that forest!

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The Marquise Diamond SignetVirgo: Marquise

Virgos are known as the most loyal sign, and the history of this shape is a show of loyalty more than anything else. The story goes that the marquise diamond was named for the smile of Louis XIV’s mistress, the Marquise de Lafayette. Yes, she was technically his mistress, but he loved her so much that they named a whole diamond after her! Now THAT is devotion. Sometimes Virgos can get a liiiittle tense and stressed out, so self care is important. It’s important to give this diamond some care too - the pointed edges can chip if they’re not protected by your diamond setting. Take care of your Virgo self and your Virgo diamond!

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The Domed Bezel Solitaire with an Emerald DiamondLibra: Emerald

Libras are known as balancers (this sign is often associated with a set of scales). An emerald shaped diamond is perfectly balanced - its relative minimalism emphasizes the symmetry of its facets. Libras are sometimes thought of as mirrors to other signs because they are deeply empathetic and can shape-shift to make others comfortable. An emerald diamond’s long, rectangular face often is compared to a mirror and shows off the diamond’s clarity and purity. Just like a Libra!

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The Column Baguette

Scorpio: Baguette

Scorpio: you’re bold, fearless, and sometimes…a little freaky (said with love and deep envy!). For you, we are going with something totally different from the rest: a baguette diamond. Baguettes are typically not featured as center stones at all and are more popular in eternity bands or as side stones. Since Scorpios like to do their own thing, we want to embolden you (not that you need our encouragement to be your bold self) to consider a less traditional engagement ring (like a Full Column Baguette) our to just break all the rules altogether and use a big ol’ baguette as a center stone! Do you, Scorpio!

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The Domed Solitaire with a Radiant Diamond

Sagittarius: Radiant

Sagittarius is one of the most fun signs in the zodiac: you bring the party and radiate a good time wherever you go. With 70 facets, the radiant diamond is considered by some to be the shiniest shape of them all. This diamond combines the brilliance of a round diamond with the shape of an emerald diamond - giving you the best of both worlds (Miley Cyrus is a Sagittarius, y’all!). One benefit of the radiant diamond is that it doesn’t have the sharp corners of a princess cut diamond, meaning you don’t have to worry about hurting your diamond while going on all of your spontaneous Sagittarius adventures.

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The Eternity Bezel Solitaire with a Round Diamond

Capricorn: Round

Hey, Capricorn: round is the most classic diamond shape, and you love classic - why reinvent the wheel when the wheel is set up for maximum efficiency and sparkle? There’s a reason that round diamonds make up 75% of the world’s diamonds - they’re optimized for the best of the best when it comes to brilliance (sparkliness) and fire (all those cool colors you see when your ring catches the light). This is also the most expensive diamond shape because so much of the raw stone has to be cut away. You know Capricorns work hard for that money - reap the benefits!

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Aquarius: Trillion

Aquarians are totally unique - you’re the ultimate nonconformists. Like air, you can’t really be contained or expected to follow the norm. For you, we’ve picked a totally unexpected shape for a diamond - a trillion! You know an Aquarius is the type of person who would be asked to draw a diamond in third grade and would choose to draw a triangle because that’s what they FELT like drawing, and that…is very cool and powerful. You have a trillion unique ideas (get it?) and need a shape that symbolizes your deep desire to do your own thing.

Pisces: Heart

Pisces are known as super emotionally sensitive signs. Your number one priority is to make sure that those around you are happy. You already wear your heart on your sleeve, so consider putting one on your finger with a heart shaped diamond! ALSO Pisces is a water sign, and the human body is made up of 60% water - honor that watery body with a diamond shaped like the organ that keeps it going!

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