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The Best Wedding Ring for Every Astrological Sign

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Jewelry shopping can be intimidating. That’s why we started Ask Holden, our blog where we answer your FAQs, break down scary industry lingo, and guide you in finding the perfect piece of jewelry.

It’s happening - the day we knew would inevitably come. We’re picking out your wedding ring based on your zodiac sign! Before we begin, we’d like to make it clear that this is 100% the opinions of one horoscope-loving person on the Holden team and by no means actually determines the ring you should wear for the rest of your life. At the end of the day, the ring you choose is up to you (and we might be biased, but we love them all). So please, enjoy the ramblings of someone with the CoStar app, an astrology book she got as a gift a couple years ago, and a lot of opinions (she is a Taurus, after all).

Aries - The Column Baguette

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is characterized by its leadership abilities and bravery. The Column Baguette is a perfect fit because columns make us think of Ancient Greece and Ancient Greece makes us think of 1. philosophers and 2. warriors! Aka Aries! Also Ares was a Greek god. Case closed.

Shop The Full Column Baguette

Taurus - The Hammered

Tauruses are stubborn (says the Taurus who wrote this post and refused to listen to anyone's input on which sign should go with which ring). The Hammered is a good design for a Taurus because we like to hammer down on our opinions. Also, we’re earth signs - hammers? rocks? geology? Definitely something there (and don’t try to tell me otherwise). Tauruses love luxury, so we could amuse ourselves all day long playing with the supple texture of this ring that was hammered by hand.

Shop The Hammered

Gemini - The Half Row Baguette

Gemini is the sign of the twins. Geminis can be a little unpredictable but never boring, so this ring can play two roles depending on your mood - party in the front (diamonds), business in the back (solid gold, baby!). Geminis also love sharing ideas and communicating, so we like The Row Baguette as everyone can stand in a row, share a loaf of French bread (baguette), and chat about things (and rings!)!

Shop The Half Row Baguette

Cancer - The Full Eternity

Cancers are famously emotional and devoted, therefore what better ring than one that promises a full eternity of love? Deeply supportive and imaginative, rose gold could be a good metal choice for this sign, since a Cancer sees the world through rose-colored glasses when they’re thinking about the person they love.

Shop The Full Eternity

Leo - The Royal Flush

Leos are known as the most regal of the astrological signs, so The Royal Flush is of course a fitting choice for the sign of the lion. Leos are represented by the lion - king of the jungle, you get the picture. And royalty needs its crown! Leos love being the center of attention and are so fun to be around - The Royal Flush is unexpected and entertaining, just like a Leo.

Shop The Royal Flush

Virgo - The Line

Virgos are the most loyal sign in the zodiac, and they always look out for their friends. We chose The Line for this reason - look at how steadfast that line is, absolutely no hesitation or question about it. The inner line of the ring is bolstered and protected by the structure of the ring, exactly how Virgos protect their friends.

Shop The Line

Libra - The Half Channel Eternity

Libras are known as the balancer, and sometimes, this can come off as indecisiveness. For you, Libra, we’ve chosen (on your behalf, you’re welcome) The Half Channel Eternity. Libras love being loved, and we think these diamonds look nice and snuggled by two strong bands of gold (or platinum - sorry Libra, you have to pick that one).

Shop The Half Channel Eternity

Scorpio - The Octagon

Scorpios are boundary-pushers, which is why we chose The Octagon. It’s an unexpected shape, pushing the limits of what a ring really is anyway. And who knows, if you get yourself into a pickle, you could use your ring as a washer (or a nut? Never could tell the difference between the two). Just kidding! Please do not use our rings as construction materials!

Shop The Octagon

Sagittarius - The Faceted

Sagittariuses are extremely fun signs. They’re thrill seekers, wise, and inspire those around them. This ring looks sort of like a disco ball. There is nothing in this world more inspiring, thrilling, and wise than dancing under a disco ball. Honestly…I rest my case on this one.

Shop The Faceted

Capricorn - The Domed

Capricorns are serious signs that like to do things efficiently and well. What better ring than the practical, classic, unfussy domed? Capricorns also enjoy the finer things in life (especially if they achieve them through hard work), so...treat yourself to platinum. You earned it.

Shop The Domed

Aquarius - The Floating Eternity

Aquarius is an air sign, so of course The Floating Eternity fits, given it’s hard to pin down this dreamy sign! Aquarians are known to push against the status quo and do their own thing, so the floating is a perfect fit for them. An Aquarius wants freedom above all, so float on, Aquarians!

Shop The Full Floating Eternity

Pisces - The Curved Eternity

Pisces is a water sign, and so what better ring than one that looks like an undulating wave? Pisces (pisceses? pisces’?!) are known to be accommodating signs as well, which is why The Curved Eternity is an excellent choice, as it’s designed to accommodate an engagement ring.

Shop The Curved Full Eternity

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