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Wedding Venues Inspired By Our Favorite Rings

Ring Advice

Jewelry shopping can be intimidating. That's why we started Ask Holden, our blog where we answer your FAQs, break down scary industry lingo, and guide you in finding the perfect piece of jewelry.

A group of hopeless romantics make up the Holden team, and we’re always dreaming of what your fairy tale wedding will look like. We think that rings speak to each partner’s personality and individuality (which is why we insist on custom-making everything!). The same can be said about the venue where a couple chooses to get married. We’ve taken some of our favorite rings and paired them with popular wedding venues to give you inspiration.

The Line

The Line - City Hall Wedding

You and your partner like to get straight to the point and are just bursting to say that one line – "I do." You can’t wait to get married and know that the most important thing is having your partner by your side. Rather than have a big wedding, you’ll invite some of your closest friends and family to wait with you at Town Hall while you tie the knot. Afterwards, you’ll party the night away and you won’t be able to stop showering your partner with kisses.

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The Domed

The Domed - Vineyard Wedding

Some things are classic for a reason. You and your partner have gathered all of your friends and family to partake in a delicious feast of food and wine to revel in your new partnership. Your love has aged like a fine wine – it has only gotten better (ie stronger) with time.

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The Floating Eternity

The Floating Eternity - Beach Wedding

Ethereal and airy, the beach is the perfect place for your dream wedding – the soft breeze from the sea and the lapping of the waves will surely keep your head well into the clouds as you take in such a spectacular view. You and your partner are more likely go-with-the-flow spirits who want to make sure everyone is having a good time. 

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The Royal Flush

The Royal Flush - Destination Wedding

You and your partner are the bel(le)s of the ball – but no one can keep their eyes off The Royal Flush rings on your fingers. You have a keen eye for detail and love a dramatic flourish. Most likely, you yourselves are some of the most gracious, notoriously charming hosts and you want to plan an impeccable day of celebration for both you and your guests. What’s more – you’re both incredibly adventurous and live for new experiences.

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The Square

The Square - Backyard Wedding

You and your partner are just a *tad* sentimental and want to celebrate your new partnership in the place where it all started – your parents’ backyard. You’ve known each other since you were little kids and even though you thought your partner had cooties, you’ve learned to look past it ;)

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The Column Baguette

The Column Baguette - Forest Vows

The diamonds of The Column Baguette stand tall just like the trees of the forest where you host your small, intimate ceremony. The wedding begins at dusk and you spend the evening dancing around the bonfire – you even host a s’mores making competition to see who can get their marshmallow the most perfect golden-brown. You and your partner want to maximize the time you spend with your family and loved ones.

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