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Our Thoughts on Black Friday

At Holden, we’re proud to offer custom-made rings at a fraction of the price of traditional designer rings. By partnering with local workshops, we make every ring to order and hold no wasteful excess inventory.

Fair prices and sustainability go hand-in-hand for us and are nonnegotiables year-round. For this reason, we aren’t able to extend the same steep end-of-year discounts on excess inventory as some of our competitors. However, as a price-conscious company that aims to make the ring shopping experience more accessible, it’s still important for us to embrace the Black Friday season of giving as best we can.

Holden Black Friday Offer Schedule

If you’re new to our Black Friday sales, we like to start a bit early each year in order to avoid overwhelming our small New York City workshops. Our first Black Friday promotion for 10% off diamond rings (includes all diamond wedding bands and engagement rings) will run from 11/6/23 - 11/19/23. (These styles take longer to craft, as each diamond is set by hand.)

From 11/20/23 - 11/27/23, we’ll extend our 10% off promotion sitewide. If you’d prefer not to wait (we get it!), just email us at and we’ll send you an early access code.

Thanks for another year of helping us make the ring-shopping experience more inclusive, accessible, and sustainable.

Happy holidays!