Men’s Ring Size Chart

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Ring Sizing for Men

Here at HOLDEN, we size all of our rings on the standard US and Canada sizing scale. This scale is unisex, and all of our rings fit true to size. Countries outside of the US and Canada use different ring size guides. We've included a universal ring size chart at the bottom of this post, which includes International and European ring sizes as well as millimeter to ring size conversions.

Unfortunately, there is no way to guess your size based on the average ring size for men, as sizes are quite specific. Unlike a t-shirt, where you may be able to fit into a medium or a large, your ring size needs to be exact in order for your ring to fit comfortably and more importantly, not fall off! There can even be a half size difference between the ring finger on your dominant hand and the ring finger on your non-dominant hand.

There are a few DIY methods for finding your ring size floating around on the internet; however, these methods frequently lead to incorrect sizing and are not the most reliable. For example, we’ve heard of using a strip of paper to mark the point or wrapping a piece of string around the base of your finger (we don't recommend either of these methods!).

That's why we offer our free ring size kit, the easiest way to accurately measure your finger and determine your ring size from the comfort of your own home!

Ring Size Kit Instructions

1. Push one end of the enclosed ring sizer through the buckle to create a loop.

2. Slide the ring sizer onto the finger on which you will wear the ring.

3. Grab the tail of the ring sizer and push the buckle tight.

4. If the ring sizer feels snug on your finger and there’s resistance when sliding it past your knuckle, then you’ve found the perfect fit! If the ring sizer slides past your knuckle without any resistance, then the size is too big.

5. To properly read your ring size, look at the arrow on the buckle. The line on the right edge of a number indicates a full size. The line on the left edge of a number indicates a half size.

If you have questions about resizing, check out our blog post about ring resizing.

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ring size chart HOLDEN international ring size conversion chart

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