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The Best Ring for Your Myers-Briggs Personality

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The Best Ring Your Myers-Briggs Personality

You loved finding the best ring for your astrological sign, so now we're bringing you ALL the personality pairings. We've matched every Myers-Briggs personality type to one of our rings. Don't know your Myers-Briggs yet? Take the quiz.

INTJ “The Architect” - The Channel Baguette The Channel Baguette

Architects are known for being imaginative, thinking strategically, and planning for everything. They know how to “channel” their energy and accomplish their goals.

INTP “The Logician”- The Stepped

The Stepped

Known as innovators and inventors who have a thirst for knowledge, Logicians are always taking a “step” into the great unknown.

ISTJ “The Logistician”- The Square

The Square

Practical. Factual. Individualistic. Reliable. The Square, like the Logistician, doesn’t cut corners.

ISFJ “The Defender”- The Domed

The Domed

While known for their warmth and dedication towards their loved ones, don’t mess with their people. You’ve been warned. Domed Rings, like Defenders, offer a sense of security and comfort - they’re familiar and they’re solid.

ENTJ “The Commander” - The Hammered

The Hammered

Commanders are bold and imaginative leaders. Their motto - “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” Similar to a Commander, the Hammered has withstood hardship and stress, only to come out as the best versions of themselves.

ESTJ “The Executive”- The Line

The Line

Known for their excellent administrative skills, Executives make fabulous managers. They’ll keep you “in line.”

ENTP “The Debater” - The Octagon

The Octagon

Smart and curious, ENTPs cannot resist an intellectual challenge - which is why we’ve paired them with one of our most geometrically interesting rings of all - The Octagon.

ESFJ “The Consul” - The Royal Flush

The Royal Flush

While popular and social, ESFJs are known for their care for others and eagerness to help - think Cher from Clueless. They truly deserve a crown - which is why we’ve matched them with The Royal Flush.

INFJ “The Advocate” - The Flush Baguette

The Flush Baguette

Even though they’re generally quiet and considered to be a bit mysterious, Advocates are tirelessly idealistic and continuously inspire those around them. The Flush Baguette is a perfect match for them as the single baguette diamond easily draws people in.

ISTP “The Virtuoso” - The Flush Diamond

The Flush Diamond

Bold and practical experimenters, Virtuosos are masters of all kinds of tools. The Flush Diamond sits, well, flush with the band of the ring. So, when virtuosos are tinkering away, they won’t have to worry about dislodging the gemstone.

INFP “The Mediator” - The Floating Eternity

The Floating Eternity

Considered to be poetic and kind, Mediators have this whimsical way about them. Add in their altruism and eagerness to help a good cause? They might as well be wearing a halo. We’ve matched Mediators with the Floating Eternity - it’s one of our most ethereal rings.

ISFP “The Adventurer” - The Row Baguette

The Row Baguette

Flexible and charming artists, Adventurers are always ready to explore and experience something new - which is why we’ve paired them with our Row Baguette. This ring adds a new dimension to a classic wedding ring.

ENFJ “The Protagonist” - The Triangle

The Triangle

Protagonists tend to mesmerize the throngs of people who surround them due to their charisma. With their inspirational leadership abilities, we’ve paired Protagonists with none other than the Triangle Ring. Triangles hold a lot of meaning from cultures and religions all around the world - so it seems only fitting to pair them with these natural born leaders.

ESTP “The Entrepreneur” - The Faceted

The Faceted

Faceted means to have or involve many different types of features or aspects. Our Faceted Ring has so many different sides and that it seems only fitting to pair them with Entrepreneurs. They’re smart and energetic, are able to perceive each side of an issue, and enjoy living on the edge (of which the Faceted has plenty).

ENFP “The Campaigner” - The Curved

The Curved

Campaigners and considered to be sociable and optimistic folks who can always find a reason to smile. The Curved Ring, like a Campaigner, is creative and free-spirited - it doesn’t conform to the standards of tradition. 

ESFP “The Entertainer” - The Full Eternity

The Full Eternity

Bring on the sparkle. Like the Full Eternity, Entertainers like to stand out from the crowd. They are spontaneous and enthusiastic entertainers. If you’re spending time with them, your life will certainly never be boring.

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